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Participating in the alternate reality game Prevent the Trace

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The older OTR, who was given the name Stellethee, operated an independent security and logistics company that allowed it to gather input from an employment workforce who did not have full government security clearance. Stellethee Security & Logistics developed the technologically-hardened set of long-range hybrid convoy vehicles. These vehicles were blank-slate response vehicles, with audible and light strobe technology that was regionally customized.

In the event of a major disaster, these vehicles could travel to a location with the audible and visual presence of state police, then switch into a medic presence mode upon arrival at the scene. This technology was essential to providing covert security with direct monitoring by the federal government at any significant incident.

The project ceased upon the ten year anniversary of the PATRIOT Act. Stellethee's Security unit disbanded and the company concentrated on disaster response logistics. The convoy vehicles, outside of Stellethee's Next Gen model group, were removed from street duty.

The younger OTR, effectively retired upon the signing of the PATRIOT Act, and wealthy beyond any concern due to wise investments in the decade that followed, was concerned that the government was not thoroughly evaluating the corporate and non-profit sector for financial terrorism. Over the ten years that followed the PATRIOT Act, he spoke in small groups, typically in a diner arrangement, after hours, where those surrounding believed he was just spouting fantasies. The interns of the original puppet corporations were spread out into the corporate and non-profit sectors, but were constantly concerned with the power the junior OTR had. Angel would refer to the intern network as EthOps, the ethical operations network, as they were volunteers, unconnected, who believed fully that the murdering of civilians for profit was in fact an act of terrorism.