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Stellethee's Group referred to the junior OTR as "Angel." Angel had the financial power to have a private force to monitor the convoy technology which Angel feared would be compromised if accessed by corporations. Angel was the lead designer of the original technology through Stellethee's Group but had the immunity to attack and disable the next-year model, a model which was designed essentially by his own former students.

Angel was convinced beyond any doubt that a corporation would be funding a terrorist to take out a young academic. His intuition was that this student would be the one closest to leading the team that would be curing cancer. The fundamental question to Angel, which he had to answer, was, "What do you do with the green light when the funds move?"

EthOps became aware through investigation that Angel had been developing a dataset algorithm since the early 1990s that was harvesting non-secure and low-security communications among suspect corporations and non-profits. It was rumored that Angel's puppet companies were one of the largest consumers of Cloud storage, and also one of the largest users of the overnight cloud processing, rented legally from the largest technology companies.